Why Should I Have Pigeon Droppings & Bird / Bat Waste Removed?

White Wash CoWhy Should I Have Pigeon Droppings & Bird / Bat Waste Removed?Pigeon Dropping Cleanup Why Should I Have Pigeon Droppings & Bird / Bat Waste Removed?In most cases people have bird droppings removed to improve the look of a building or are

Why Should I Have Pigeon Droppings & Bird / Bat Waste Removed?

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Pigeon Dropping Cleanup 

Pigeon Dropping Cleanup

Why Should I Have Pigeon Droppings & Bird / Bat Waste Removed?

In most cases people have bird droppings removed to improve the look of a building or area. Once surfaces are fully cleaned and disinfected the look is always greatly improved, but this is not the only reason it should be removed.

More than 12 diseases can be spread by pigeons, birds and bats droppings. Some examples include:

  • Histoplasmosis is a respiratory disease that may be fatal. It results from a fungus growing in dried bird droppings.
  • The yeast in the intestinal tracts of starlings and pigeons causes cryptococcosis. It is often a respiratory disease that can later spread to the nervous system.
  • E.coli infection: It is one of the common infections caused by an enteric bacteria. Bird droppings may land in or on food and water supplies.

Pigeon, bird and bat droppings can have devastating effects on heating and cooling equipment of commercial buildings. The droppings cause bad odours and bacteria which can become airborne if disturbed.

In addition the acid found in droppings and waste eat away at a buildings surfaces and if left untreated can result in very expensive repairs to roofs, ledges, balconies and other areas.

Pigeon Dropping Cleanup

Products Used To Kill Bacteria In Pigeon Droppings

Many cleaning products are specifically designed for bird droppings. First, there are disinfectants, designed to kill bacteria and organisms, and simple cleaning agents, which, as their name suggests, are simply designed to clean. In most cases, a bucket of hot soapy water containing a little household detergent is a simple but ideal cleaning solution.

The cleaning of pigeon droppings can be done in the same way as any other deep-cleaning task. The work can be completed quickly with the correct equipment. A scraper will do the job. Moisten overly dry guano to soften it before removing it and reduce the amount of dust thrown into the air. After all the pigeon droppings are removed, wash the affected area using the above cleaning solution and a toothbrush.

What should be done with the excrement next? Small quantities of pigeon guano can be safely disposed of in a domestic or commercial waste bin.

Pigeon Dropping Cleanup

What is the best way to remove, clean & disinfect pigeon/bird/bat droppings and waste?

When cleaning, it is important to consider the safety of everyone involved in the process. This includes the Oracle team.

First, where safety is concerned, all areas that need to be cleaned are clearly marked. Polythene sheets are used in many instances to cover any areas that may be affected during cleaning. The Oracle team are fully equipped with P3 respiratory protection, disposable overalls, gloves and cleanable footwear. Oracle has a personal decontamination equipment or unit on-site.

Areas to be cleaned are fully treated with a low pressure spraying of commercial grade disinfectant. This spraying continues throughout the removal and cleaning process. Scraping with hand-tools and scraping the bulk of droppings are used to remove them. All waste is double bagged in heavy duty special waste sacks. The Environment Agency and the legislation are followed in disposing of all waste. Final detailed cleaning is undertaken by hand utilising appropriate surface cleaning equipment. All areas are visually inspected prior to a final disinfectant cleaning solution being applied to the finished areas. In some instances high pressure water equipment will be utilised dependant upon location and amount of waste to be removed.

Pigeon Dropping Cleanup

Cleaning Pigeon Droppings  - Overview

This guide on dealing with pigeon droppings has been written for the benefit of people who do not clean up pigeon droppings for a living such as pest control officers or people who might keep pigeons as a hobby. They are more likely to be in contact with the dry droppings almost every day and may want to conduct a risk assessment.

Pigeon Guano on Pavement

As the two most common guano-related problems will require a different approach we will deal with each problem separately:

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Pigeon Dropping Cleanup

Pigeon removal in Phoenix: Why we need it

The pigeons in your backyard aren't very charming. At bird feeders, they are aggressive and invasive. With no regard for our ecosystem, pigeons stomp on flowers and plants. They sometimes destroy flowerbeds and gardens on purpose.

Pigeons are a problem in Phoenix.

  • Cryptococcosis Meningitis
  • E.coli
  • Histoplasmosis
  • Listeria
  • Psittacosis
  • Salmonella
  • ...and more.
  • Pigeon waste is acidic and can cause damage. The waste they produce is acidic and can damage paints, building materials and concrete. Pigeon waste can clog drains, causing roofs to be overloaded.
  • Cost: Pigeons need professional removal and cleaning. The same as homeowners, commercial property owners have regular agreements with pest control companies. Pigeons cause about $1.1 billion/year in environmental and property damage. It is worth the effort to prevent pigeon droppings and have them professionally cleaned.

Pigeon Dropping Cleanup

Pigeon Poop Removal  Phoenix Az

Safety, sanitation, and health hazards caused by bird droppings can pose serious liability risks. Left untreated, they can lead to illness, accidents, and legal expenses. Protect your property permanently, humanely, and discreetly with expert service from Arizona's Pest Experts - Bills Pest Termite Control.

Pigeon droppings can be unsightly, and they may cause health problems. Bird droppings cause millions of dollars in property damage and insurance claims every year. Pigeon droppings are a source of diseases that can be transmitted to humans and animals. Pest birds increase maintenance costs and liability risks. Pigeon clean-up services are a critical step in successfully correcting a problem. Pigeon Bird Poop Removal Service Phoenix, Az.

Pigeon Dropping Cleanup

Pigeon  Droppings Cleaning Service 

The fact that pest control exists showcases just how common it is for uninvited guests to show up in the home. Of course, no one wants to witness pests in their home, but even when out of sight, there can be some pests that pose more problems than others, especially from a health point of view. It goes without saying that any form of faeces present within the home is a health hazard, but not everyone is aware of just how dangerous faeces from birds can be. In summary, the presence of bird droppings is a breeding ground for all types of parasites, generally derived from pigeon guano. CPC are specialists at offering bird  dropping removal  , cleaning and control management in all areas.

Pigeon Dropping Cleanup

What Is Bird, Bat Or Pigeon Droppings & Waste Removal?

At Oracle Solutions we have a highly trained team of experts who know how to deal with all types of bird droppings safely and efficiently.

All of our team members are trained to the highest standards in environmental cleaning, disinfection and professional sanitation. All cleaning teams undergo medical surveillance, are face fit tested for correct respiratory protective equipment and are certified in all elements of high level access should it be required.

Pigeon Dropping Cleanup

Excrement Removal And Cleanup Requirements

Cleaning your HVAC unit can be dangerous for your health. If done incorrectly, it can lead to HVAC contamination, or worse still, to a defective HVAC system.

Bird excrement is usually contaminated with bacteria, viruses and pathogens which can lead to several illnesses. Histoplasmosis, candidiasis, cryptococcosis, salmonellosis are all traced from bacteria and fungus found in bird droppings. Even worse is the St. Louis encephalitis which causes inflammation of the nervous system causing paralysis, coma, or even death.

Bird dropping cleanup needs adequate Personal Protection Equipment or what is technically known as a PPE. This includes long pants, waterproof gloves, long-sleeved shirts, eye protection, filter masks, and waterproof shoes.

Personal Protection Equipment guarantees your safety against coming into contact with the excrement. It prohibits inhalation of airborne particles, and close physical contact with the feces.

Pigeon Dropping Cleanup

Cleaning Major Bird Droppings Off Concrete

The birds have chosen your concrete yard or the sidewalk in front of your business to make a mess and you need to clean the droppings up as quickly as possible. When cleaning, you should wear protective gloves and a mask. You should prepare the following materials:

  • Concrete cleaners or all-purpose cleaners
  • Large scrub brush
  • Sawdust
  • Muriatic Acid
  • Broom

Method: If you liked this, you might also be interested in  

  • Step 2: Use the large brush and scrub as hard as you can.
  • You don't need the droppings to be back in the garden.
  • Repeat Step 4 until the surface is clean.

You can use Muriatic Acid or Hydrochloric Acid if you've tried it multiple times and still cannot remove the stain.

You must always dilute acid before using it. Acid should not be diluted with water as this will result in a chemical reaction. The water will boil, splash, and possibly injure you. The usual ratio for mixing Muriatic Acid with water is 4:1.

Pour the Muriatic Acid in the correct amount of water. Then, apply the solution to the remaining stains on the concrete surface, wait until the stain begins to peel off and wash it off immediately. If you leave the acid on for too long it can damage the concrete surface. If you appreciated this, you might also enjoy  the art of simplicity creating a minimalist home 

There are specialized washing machines for concrete surfaces that are quite effective, but the cost will be higher. You should use the above methods if cleaning in an industrial setting isn't a regular practice.

Pigeon Dropping Cleanup

The Best Bird Dropping Removal For Cars

As a non caustic and eco-friendly car cleaning chemical BuildKleen is also ideal for cleaning of cars, four-wheel drive pickups, vans and trucks and removing bird droppings. It is a powerful traffic film cleaner with a special formulation that's ultra-safe and made from all-natural products. This detergent removes travel films, tar, algae, flies and dirt with ease.

Perfect for cleaning vehicles and trailers, fabric seats and accessories. Depending on the level of dirt present on the vehicle, here are some points to consider:

  • Its probably easiest to spray the product with a low-pressure sprayer.
  • It is important to note that this product does not work well with brake dust or acidic alloy wheels.
  • If the vehicle isn't too dirty, you may wish to dilute it with water to get more mileage.
  • Very gently brush bird poos with a stiff brush to agitate - stroke it - this helps the cleaner's action.

Please do contact us to discuss your specific bird poop cleaning challenges or to request samples or SDS sheets.

Pigeon Dropping Cleanup

Bird Damage Prevention & Bird Repellent Systems For Buildings

Sketch: typical pattern of sapsucker woodpecker damage in plywood type siding (Cleary 1986).

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A pest control expert may be able to give you more information and advice on how to repel birds who would rather hang around nearby trees.

Pigeon Dropping Cleanup

Bird Dropping Removal & Clean Up Services

Birds are beautiful, but their droppings leave a less than beautiful impression. As a matter of fact, these droppings carry many dangers, besides their utter lack of aesthetic appeal. Bird droppings can cause a number of issues when they are not handled in a timely manner and a lack of regulation can lead to very dire consequences.

It is important to remove the droppings of birds as soon as possible. The accumulation of animal waste is not only dangerous, but also poses a number of health risks. In order to avoid these hazards and health concerns, it is vital that you follow the correct cleaning procedures. Continue reading to find out more.

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